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The G20 summit - case study

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The G20 summit - case study

One of the projects that we are working on was already presented at the United Nations World Data Forum in Cape Town this year and it will be presented again at the G20 summit, also this year. It focuses on healthcare, income by analysing people and patterns in societies around the world. It has a huge impact on healthcare, marketing, sales and on the entire civilization.
And we are only starting to show the power of many revolutionary solutions that we could create through a combination of technology and science. This kind of collecting, analysing and processing data will allow us to develop solutions to solve the biggest problems of the 21st century.
We are very proud to work with amazing people from around the world. And we have the privilege to share with you their opinion about our cooperation:
“World Data Lab recommends Lonsley, as a professional business partner. Their work is characterised by a high quality standard of services. Their ability to listen helps to find the best solution for our requirements. They work in a variety of technologies like Django/Python, AngularJS/Javascript, AWS EC2/Cloudfront. They are professionals, who work flexibly and in an innovative way. We are working together on a project focused on scientific research of demography – the study of human population – to make data accessible to a wider audience. In our international scientific project they are helping to provide valuable data in a consumable way to rise the awareness of global poverty distribution.”
Florian Scholochow - Chief Technology Officer, World Data Lab

Friday, 31 March 2017