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Multi-User IVI system

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Multi-User IVI system

Nowadays almost every modern car comes with a robust InVehicle Infotainment system. Usually, IVI systems have no support for user profiling, lack authorization and user data security other than physical access to the vehicle’s interior.
Often a single car is used by multiple drivers and passengers who might want to have different settings for their seat, mirror positions, radio (or other multimedia), air conditioning and navigation. Additionally, car manufacturer might want to add an application shop full of third-party software with per-user licensing like app shops for mobile platforms(i.e. Apple Store, Google Play).
Our developers were tasked with adding a module to an already released system that allows for all above customizations per-user. Additionally, multiple pluginable logon mechanisms were added to the system: possibility to recognise user by e.g. voice, text passwords, fingerprint or retina scan if only needed hardware was installed in the car and known by system.
A scripting language was used to create user interfaces for easy customization: multiple functionalities of well known C and C++ libraries were used to implement important low level software parts for performance and reliability.

Piotr Mleczko - Chief Technology Officer, Lonsley

Monday, 20 March 2017