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Leading Transportation company - case study

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Leading Transportation company - case study

Built a platform to support supply chain operations and managing truck loads.
One of the United States leading transportation companies engaged Lonsley to design and develop a system to maximize shipments for end-to-end supply chain. Recognized for our ability to build efficient Machine Learning systems, we were engaged to deliver a validated system using our approach.

Lonsley was engaged to build a system responsible for all operations, planning, validation and optimization of resources through the supply chain operations. The solution used by customer was very outdated, difficult to use and not efficient.

We built a tool that enables the efficient management of requirements to maximize goods flow, truck loads and goods storage using real-world constraints. We aligned multiple business stakeholders - with a single vision for the overall efficiency - and applied Machine Learning to storage management to make automatic space planning decisions based on data - numerous parameters of items and law regulations, the demand on the specific items (today, tomorrow and in the future), the special state restrictions, such as California's Kingpin Rule (Bridge Formula), the physical dimensions and details about products (for example whether the item is stackable on itself or on the other items, or if it is not stackable at all; or to not put items on the other ones, like the bricks on eggs), axle weight limits.
The solution was deployed efficiently and used top notch technologies to work effectively at an enterprise level.

The result was the development of a system that takes requirements (for example what is shipping from the warehouse A to warehouse B, what is the demand for) and regulations, and automatically turns this demand into efficient, low-cost truckloads and transportation processes that use data about 10,000+ product in inventory to utilize almost every last lb or cube of capacity. Our solution do not only create orders upfront that are going to utilize 99% of a truck real capacity, it also gives the informations to the pickers and loaders to make sure all the products get on the truck properly - axle-legal and damage free. Overall, the transportation costs has been reduced by about 15%, item damage rate has been reduced by 90% and the loader productivity increased by 20%.

"The solution delivered by Lonsley offers a well-rounded, flexible engine that saves us time, increases efficiency and reduces costs. By using it as a part of our technology platform, our supply chain operations reach the next level of efficiency. The process of truck load management works like a charm now; the solution is tremendously powerful - it gives us the ability to leverage data for the betterment of our company and our clients. It is all fully supported as well - you get the one-on-one relationship and at the end of the day it makes the whole solution extremely accurate and well contributing to the bottom line." - Markus, Managing Partner, Operations

Thursday, 9 August 2018