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Leading Finance company - case study

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Leading Finance company - case study

Built an internal platform to support operations and knowledge management.
One of United States top finance companies required a technology that would consolidate 75 legacy systems to benefit their internal team of quantitative researchers, data analysts, traders, economists and software engineers. Lonsley was engaged to design and implement a system meeting their needs related to real-time operations.

Lonsley was engaged to design and implement a solid and scalable solution allowing for rapid data analytics and knowledge management - the solution that consolidates all the informations (financial data, orders, invoices, historical data, documentation, data from 3rd party services) and turns it to the valuable insights in real-time about the financial market to optimize the client's trading operations and improve their digital business processes. The solutions used by the customer were divided into 75 systems, sometimes even doubling the same tasks and generating huge costs of maintenance.

We built an efficient tool allowing the client to manage the knowledge and support real-time trading operations based on the scientific methods and real-world data. The solution was built over the top technologies and current state-of-the-art algorithms to make automatic trading decisions and recommendations to help employees become more effective at their work. The data processing subsystem used Machine Learning for data management, predictive analytics and natural language processing. The employee personal assistant has been created to improve working conditions of employees by delivering them valuable insights about their current and planned tasks and its status, aligned to company success metrics and tracking metrics.
We aligned multiple business stakeholders and built software solution with a vision for efficiency and user experience.

The result was the development of a system that contains of two main parts: a data processing subsystem and employee personal assistant. The data processing system automatically collects the data from multiple sources, processes it, delivers a lot of insights and also can make autonomous decisions. After the consolidation of legacy systems and splitting the data to 6 warehousing systems instead of 75 on the very beginning, the efficiency of computing increased of about 40%, making it easy to reduce maintenance costs by 70% and to avoid bottlenecks and problems with data consistency. The second part, the employee personal assistant, automates many daily tasks, helps with reaching the strategic goals faster and stimulates the growth of well-educated and well-experienced employees by delivering them proper informations. It also allows the employee to spend more time on important tasks rather than wasting time on searching for the clarification on specific things - that leads the employee to save about 20% of the working time daily.

"After assessing a number of companies on the market with the experience in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we found Lonsley to be the perfect fit for us. We needed a solution that could adapt to the ever changing climates of our business. Lonsley provided this along with providing greater efficiency across the company. The solutions they implemented allow our employees to grow faster, including the ones with a smaller computing abilities.
We were able to successfuly move to the new system that gives us more valuable insights and supports our complex operations, as well as the processes we had long desired. Cooperation with Lonsley resulted in greater control, reduced costs and reduced risk in our business." - David, Managing Partner

Tuesday, 7 August 2018