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Health informatics - case study

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Health informatics - case study

A cooperation between medicine and technology is getting closer and closer, and it will benefit all humans. New breakthroughs are making this world a better place and saving people’s lives every day.
Machine learning solutions are creating a strong and great relationship with Health Informatics. And the benefits are huge.
Maybe you had a chance to hear about da Vinci, the robot that helps surgeons in complex surgeries (cardiac surgery, urologic surgery, head and neck surgery, general surgery and so on). Other devices are used in drug discovery and drug design, personalised medicine, autonomous robotic surgery, and voice assistants.
There are a lot of solutions in healthcare. I mentioned one of them - World Data Lab - in my previous post.

We are lucky to work with amazing clients from around the world on commercial and scientific projects. We have extensive experience in creating machine learning solutions focused on processing health data. One of them is gathering, analysing and processing information from different endpoints like blood pressure apps.

Ewelina Wołoszyn - Chief Executive Officer, Lonsley

Thursday, 06 April 2017