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22 May 2018
Artificial Intelligence in Banking - use cases
Banks use Machine Learning to increase their bottom lines through gaining competitive advantages, reducing expenses and improving efficiency. [...]
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31 January 2018
Multilingual Virtual Assistants - case study
The Multilingual Virtual Assistant platform allows machines to support your brand and clients with delivering individualized informations and allows your brand to utilize the potential for cross-selling and up-selling. [...]
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25 January 2018
Data extraction - case study
Explore the top informations matching your needs. Receive recommendations for similar documents that may be useful for you faster than the blink of an eye. [...]
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26 July 2017
Data-driven sales engineering
Machine learning solutions make a huge difference to companies when it comes to successfully selling the amazing products and services they provide. Gathering, analysing and processing data, as well as using them to grow and to make the right decisions is a crucial aspect of business. [...]
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06 April 2017
Health informatics - case study
Cooperation between medicine and technology is getting ever closer and benefits all of us. New breakthroughs are making this world a better place and saving lives every day. [...]
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31 March 2017
The G20 Summit - case study
One of the projects that we are working on was already presented at the United Nations World Data Forum in Cape Town this year and it will be presented again at the G20 summit, also this year. [...]
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24 March 2017
Voice assistants - case studies
Answering questions about traffic or weather information, product recommendations, delivering news from different media sources - these are only a few examples of the application of personal assistants. [...]
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