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Why do we care so much about IT communities and why are they important?

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Why do we care so much about IT communities and why are they important?

As Machine Learning experts, engineers or entrepreneurs, you are among those who will shape our future, especially in today’s AI-first world. We are here to help you grow to your potential.
DREAM BIG - even if you start small...
That’s how it started for us, sitting around a small table in the tiny room. Today, we’re a team of twenty eight people around the world. Lonsley is involved in partnership with a lot of IT and entrepreneurial communities that create countless opportunities to grow, learn, share and start more great and innovative startups.
Since 2016 we are supporting communities all around the world, including Women in Technology, Women Techmakers, Tech Leaders, Rocket Science Today, Machine Learning Study Group. We support them by sharing the best of Lonsley’s resources - our passion, knowledge and experience, as well as financial support.
We are mentors, supervisors, co-organisers and partners because it is the most crucial part of building strong ecosystems. It helps in building a better future, establishing a new generation of innovators and creating businesses that changing our world. It even makes us live closer to loved ones and creates lives we want to live.
We value cooperation that leads to bigger ideas and better solutions. We are more than happy to support and shape strong ecosystems. Working together enriches all of us, as a society and as individuals.

Thursday, 1 February 2018