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When diversity means enrichment

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When diversity means enrichment

We believe that building bridges instead of walls allows us to create huge things. And that diversity means heritage and enrichment to all companies, organisations and teams.
That is why we cooperate with two wonderful organizations - Women in Technology Poland and Women Techmakers Kraków. Both of them are supporting and encouraging women to spread their wings in IT. They have a mission to increase the number of highly educated women in IT as well as to discover the opportunities this field creates every second.
We are happy to help them bring forward topics like machine learning and artificial intelligence through meetups, workshops, conferences and so on.
We realize how knowledge sharing and creating new opportunities are important for those who want to explore these fields.
Our passion and motivation in creating an outstanding environment with machine learning and artificial intelligence lovers encourages us to work more diligently in this sector.

Monday, 13 February 2017