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Rocket Science Today, a place for the wizards of tomorrow

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Rocket Science Today, a place for the wizards of tomorrow

We are standing in front of the fourth industrial revolution that will affect every single aspect of our lives. This creates a tremendous amount of new possibilities. And the main facilitators of this change are machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Many people believe that these fields are complex and they look at them as if they were some kind of mysterious rocket science. That is why we have created the Rocket Science Today project, an outstanding space where you can find all the shining bright and exciting ideas that push the human race forward. Meet the new Einsteins, the geniuses, and the experts that share their knowledge in a practical and simple way. It is an international educational platform, which aims to inspire and introduce the most recent discoveries and the most cutting-edge knowledge about many wonderful areas of IT.
The main goal of the project is to spread the idea of machine learning and artificial intelligence in a simple and friendly way. To open up new possibilities, to encourage and to inspire the next generation of wizards, the wizards of tomorrow.
We as the first generation have the chance to turn any idea into reality simply by pushing one button to make it visible for the entire world. We can use it to push the human race forward. And the XXI century is the greatest time to solve some of the fundamental problems that we are facing. We will do it through machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions.
We will start interviewing experts from around the world in April, this year. All the content will be published here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzcU0zBkaaHcXHRZ7sDHuQ

Tuesday, 11 April 2017