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Machine Learning - workshops

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Machine Learning - workshops

Once again we said yes for supporting Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Have you ever wondered what kind of math standing behind Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions? What are neural networks and how they are working? What kind of math intuition is needed for exploring Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence fields?
The Machine Learning workshops are the best ways how to share our passion to Machine Learning, and answer all those questions that could appear in minds of the ones that want to push with us next generation forward, create solutions that matters. And express with us the power of knowledge and understanding.
We were more than happy to support passionate people on the way of learning more about ML and AI world. With pleasure we will continue cooperation with Women in Technology, Women Techmakers, Google Developers Group and many others that want to make this world better and share the best value they have - the ability to give other a chance to develop themselves better as humans through understanding the most excited and profitable fields on this planet - Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Ewelina Wołoszyn - Chief Executive Officer, Lonsley

Thursday, 10 August 2017