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Machine Learning Study Group - workshops

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Machine Learning Study Group - workshops

Spreading the beauty of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the rest of the world is the coolest thing ever. We feel responsible for next generations and all those people who want to explore ML/AI world.
That's why we are more than happy to support initiatives that gives us opportunity to share passion, knowledge for those brind minds that will move next generations forward with us by creating new ways of better living, solve all those problems that seems to be nearly impossible, and create new and better world that we all would like to live in.
Yes, all those actions will be caused by human's curiosity linking with breakthroughs technology. And for those reasons, we present today technology of tomorrow during such events, and workshops like Machine Learning Study Group.

Ewelina Wołoszyn - Chief Executive Officer, Lonsley

Wednesday, 10 May 2017