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Geek Girls Carrots Cracow - Poland (2017)

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Geek Girls Carrots Cracow - Poland (2017)

How does machine learning determine success in business? That was a title of my presentation at Geek Girls Carrots meetup in Cracow, Poland.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to meet amazing, open minded and curious people and share with them the experience I have gained from leading my own company.
I believe that through Machine Learning we can - and we will - solve most of the most challenging problems that we, as humans, are facing. At Lonsley, I have combined two passions - one for efficient communication, and another for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
I am focused on highlighting the differences between those companies that are developing Machine Learning products and services and those that do not. Starting from gathering more insights from data, having the ability to find and unleash new financial potential, a better understanding upcoming trends, finding new customers, building better strategies, better understanding their clients and employees, through every part of the company, and ending at time and cost optimisation.
I mentioned couple of case studies of our work and shared my personal experience in developing Lonsley, as well as my passion for Machine Learning, and the huge potential that it puts in our hands.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017