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Do what you love and believe in...

At Lonsley we believe that Machine Learning can and will solve all the fundamental problems that we, as humanity, are facing. And this belief made us spread the idea of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with others.
October was a chance for our CEO to add value by sharing her knowledge at her first workshop ever about Machine Learning in Business in Cracow, Poland. Right now, she is planning to visit Tel Aviv, Israel. She will share her knowledge about how to learn complex concepts about Machine Learning, and how simple techniques can boost your ability to learn and understand them. She will also be a speaker and talk about how to use Deep Learning in your company to make more money.
In Lonsley, we are taking even more steps to bring a lifetime of value in the world of Machine Learning. That’s why we support Tech Leaders - a four-month mentoring programme for women in IT, which was created by our CEO. We are a partner in this unique project, and our experts act as mentors there. We will dedicate a few months of our time to help ambitious women to develop their skills in the ML world.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017