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Diversity in IT world - conference

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Diversity in IT world - conference

We were happy to talked about so important topic which is gender diversity in IT world. According to McKinsey report, companies with more gender diverse workforce performs better financially (15% more).

So, let’s imagine, that we live in the world with 50%/50% equality of men and women in IT world. And the results of cooperation in such world are enormous. Starting from pushing the next generations forward by creating way much more opportunities for next IT enthusiasts, creating huge financial returns in businesses, as well as more inspiring communities. This world will change everything in our life. The place, where freedom, respect, creativity, cooperation are on the daily basis. This is the world that we all desire to live in, that lead us to the next levels of our lives. And it will influence everything starting from us, to companies, countries, societies.
For all those reasons, I was a speaker on the discussion panel, because all we at Lonsley want to be a part of this movement for the change. And that's why I, as a representative, talked about it on the discussion panel about gender diversity, and create the ways how to make this happen.

Ewelina Wołoszyn - Chief Executive Officer, Lonsley

Sunday, 10 September 2017