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Comparing AI companies and non-AI companies

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Comparing AI companies and non-AI companies

How are non-AI companies failing to win the market race? What is the difference between AI and non-AI companies? And what are the main problems that you can solve with AI Solutions?

If your company is not adding value by incorporating AI Solutions, you can call your Business a non-AI company. Let’s start by highlighting just a few areas where you are losing money every day:
- The company is missing out on lots of money because you don’t have solutions that allow you to find new clients and new business opportunities.
- The company is losing business opportunities because you do not collect data effectively and don’t take advantage of it by finding hidden patterns that matter.
- The company is losing insights from data because you can’t see non-trivial correlations and hidden patterns in the data you collect.
- The company is losing a potentially better understanding of market demands, clients needs and the ability to find new trends and business opportunities with hidden patterns in your current data.
- The company is losing a lot of opportunities to grow because you do not automate your business processes.
- The company is failing to reduce costs because you cannot save time and money effectively within processes that can be partly or fully automated.
- The company is less efficient because you have unpredictable employees that are subject to a variety of factors that are not present when processes are automated and thus free from the limitations of human nature.
- The company is losing potential clients because you do not have proper information about them or current market trends.
These are a few of the many areas where non-AI companies are losing money, opportunities and position in the market.
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Thursday, 22 February 2018