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Behind the closing door - a story of Tech Leaders

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Behind the closing door - a story of Tech Leaders

Almost two years ago, I had an idea to create a huge solution that would impact the entire world and make it a better place. I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve and based on this I built Tech Leaders - a mentoring programme for women in IT.
A piece of paper and a huge dream - that was the place where I started. First, with Paulina Mazurek - the CEO of Beit - we discussed all the details, all possible scenarios, the rules and the shape of the project. And with my wonderful team we created something amazing.
Our goal was to create an outstanding and supporting environment where a helping hand would be given. It is an atmosphere of creation and curiosity that challenges the status quo and solves fundamental problems that we, as humanity, are facing. The idea is to bring and gather all the bright minds, to create and develop better solutions, to make this world a better place for the next generation.
In the very first edition, we convinced 50 experts from different branches such as marketing, public relations, software development, user experience, project management, sales, public speaking, business development and venture capital to dedicate their free time to build with me a supporting environment that we would all want to live in.
Everyone who we asked said yes. I am proud that from the very beginning we reached the best of the best mentors like Andrzej Skrzypacz, professor at the Stanford University, Marek Wawro, CTO of Azimo, Bartosz Ziółko, PhD and a graduate of the TOP 500 Innovators, Ewa Abel, a partner in Giza Polish Ventures, Marek Kapturkiewicz, a partner in Innovation Nest and many others.
In the second edition, which ended on the 3rd of March this year, we developed a cooperation with well-known companies such as Google, the Allegro Group, Sabre, IG, the VML Group, and Spring. Tech Leaders inspired many companies to create similar programmes for their employees in Poland.
Tech Leaders was built by the hands of outstanding successful people, who have created huge changes by helping others to shine and unleash their potential to the fullest. In 2017, our goal is to reach every woman on the planet that is willing to do this.
To sum it up, in the third edition we want to reach every continent and create independent Tech Leaders editions all around the world. Now, we are talking with companies and communities all around the world that want to join and expand the community of Tech Leaders.

Monday, 03 April 2017