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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

A report from McKenzie tells us that “Netflix has also achieved impressive results from the algorithm it uses to personalize recommendations to its 100 million subscribers worldwide. Netflix found that customers, on average, give up 90 seconds after searching for a movie. By improving search results, Netflix projects that they have avoided canceled subscriptions that would reduce its revenue by $1B annually.”

How can Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning help your marketing? And how do you choose the right opportunity to grow and take your business to the next level?
People often say that Machine Learning is a black box and they would like to use Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence in their businesses, but they do not how to start. We wrote some questions that can guide you while you are thinking about how to start ML/AI projects.
For sure, you do not need an in-house team to take your business to the next level. With an experienced team you can incorporate AI Solutions enjoy their benefits in your business. We are ready to support you and build end-to-end AI Solutions tailored especially to your needs.
As you may have heard, ML/AI is redefining all industries. In the near future every single device will be smart and will depend on data. Starting from everything that you have in your home or office, like tables, lamps, beds, chairs doors, flip charts etc. All those processes affect our lives and businesses too.
You can see countless ML/AI Solutions in everyday life, but today we are going to focus on one important part of the Business - Machine Learning in Marketing.

Cost and time optimization
Machine Learning is ready to help you optimize everything about your business processes. It helps your employees to focus on more important activities and build better strategies for the company. It also provides them with a better understanding of your customers’ needs and expectations. Let’s imagine how far you can go if everyone in your company is focused on the most important tasks and the rest of them are automated. Targeted ads like the ones applied by Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Alibaba that analyze users based on their behaviors and click histories are some good examples.

Reach maximum marketing efficiency
Imagine being able to create campaigns that lead directly to the audience you want to reach based on their behavioral data. Artificial Intelligence Solutions helps you with radical personalization of your targeted client group. It helps you to create more and more efficient marketing campaigns.
It may help you also with identifying valuable patterns in marketing campaigns that will lead to reaching your strategic goals more quickly.

Market forecast/Predictive analytics
Understanding upcoming trends or being able to predict business opportunities will pay for itself. Because finding new clients and financial potential is the key for making more money. Finding key insights that differentiate you from your competitors, understanding your clients’ needs and creating more business opportunities by offering them what they want 24/7 worldwide will move you to the next level. The more accurate your data is, the more efficient your campaigns will be. And this is only the beginning of the possibilities, because you can also make an analysis of campaign results in real time. This is made possible by analysis of time-frames with recurrent neural networks. You don’t need to waste hours and hours if a campaign is not efficient, you can change it in the blink of an eye. All this helps save time and money while creating more revenue from your marketing activities.

Content analysis
Delivering proper recommendations for campaigns to your target group and creating better descriptions of your clients will gain their loyalty and create satisfaction. A happy client will always return. Creating the right content that is engaging and converts is the challenge. And once more, here Machine Learning models support you in achieving the goal. It can learn the right patterns and non-trivial insights from successful and unsuccessful campaigns to unleash the power of the analysis of huge amounts of data. And finding the best key words, sentences and or phrases targeted to your audience is the another part how Machine Learning Solutions will help you to grow.

These kinds of marketing techniques are being used by leaders like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba and many others. And it helps them to make millions if not billions in income. You can also apply Artificial Intelligence Solutions to your business. To do it, you can outsource it to the hands of professionals. Our experienced team will create end-to-end Artificial Intelligence Solutions tailored to your needs.

Saturday, 24 February 2018