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Artificial Intelligence for Governments

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Artificial Intelligence for Governments

How can AI add value and create huge positive results for governments and the lives of their citizens? How can Machine Learning solutions help in solving problems that challenge governments around the world?
We’ve previously written an article about the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. You can find it here, but in general Artificial Intelligence (AI) is wider concept from Machine Learning (ML). AI Solutions are revolutionizing every aspect of our lives and directly impact businesses like in industries like healthcare, finance, telecoms, manufacturing and more. AI Solutions also can save billions dollars for governments.

Safety Improvement
We all want to live in a peaceful society and AI Solutions can help to improve safety. What’s more, a high level of safety promotes the rising profits that come from tourism and helps in attracting new business opportunities. Public safety is part of the foundation of general economic development.
Through analyzing a huge amount of historical data, AI solutions can learn the patterns of unwanted situations and help in preventing them in the future. For example, in France, one correlation has been found that highlighted a common characteristic among terrorists and the similar, specific amount of money they carried. If you can find these kinds of non-trivial correlation patterns in advance, your country can prevent unwanted situations from happening. AI has a place in the fight to reduce terrorist attacks.
Utilization of Computer Vision and Predictive Analytics can help the police or army with information from dangerous areas, finding criminals and implementing better strategy for areas areas covered by natural disasters. AI Solutions can help with building better prevention policies and making better decisions by relying on non-trivial correlations that only AI algorithms can identify through analysis of metadata.
AI Solutions can also help with increasing the security of data of citizens of a given country. And it can help with finding and preventing fraudulent situations.

Traffic control
AI solutions that manage traffic will decrease the number of traffic jams. Gathering all information, including the behavior of pedestrians and cyclists, will reduce the number of accidents. And the lower the number of accidents, the lower the cost of public health care and other government costs.
AI can also help with more optimal scheduling and routing of traffic flows.
AI Solutions can help also in Air Transport Management, which leads to safety improvement, cost and time optimisation and greater satisfaction of citizens.

Automation of processes
AI Solutions can help in optimizing all processes, which leads to saving time and money. It will make some administration processes faster and allow a reduction in the number of employees or let them focus on more important activities that machines can’t do. For example, public employees can focus on spending time on improving the lives of citizens by solving special cases, providing additional support, using creativity and empathy for those who are in need like long-term unemployed people, people with physical limitations, children and the disabled.

Growth Stimulation
The number of improvements that AI can add is impressive and starts with:
- Better management and making welfare payments
- Fraud detection
- Improving the safety of citizen data
- Supporting the police and army
- Faster adjudication of bail hearings
- Better immigration decision making
- Better planning of new infrastructure projects
- Better prevention of unwanted behaviors
- Faster answers to citizen queries
- Establishment of drone paths
- Better triage of health care cases
- Limiting traffic jams
- Limiting car accidents
- Better detection of criminals
All of these have a direct effect on the economy of a country. They can also create business opportunities, increase tourist visits and financial capital. AI solutions can also help with building better strategies for some social processes like aging or building better programs for people living under the poverty line.

Saving costs
According to the Deloitte Report - AI-augmented government, “conservatively estimates that simply automating tasks that computers already routinely do could free up 96.7 million federal government working hours annually, potentially saving $3.3 billion. At the high end, we estimate that AI technology could free up as many as 1.2 billion working hours every year, saving $41.1 billion.” AI Solutions can help with focusing government employees on the most important tasks that only humans can do. According to Deloitte, “documenting and recording information is a task capturing 10 percent of both federal and state government work hours”, and can be automated by AI solutions like ours.

Better preparation for processes such as the aging of societies
AI Solutions can help also with better preparation for processes like the aging of societies, natural disaster prevention etc. It will provide better insight and non-trivial patterns that matter and allow for the building better programs and making better decisions. AI solutions can bring about better prevention and better public healthcare policy, which allows citizens to stay healthy longer, and monitor the health status of older people while extending their independence.

Building better programs for people living under the poverty line
AI solutions can also help with building better strategies and programs for those living under poverty line. Through analyzing huge amounts of data, AI can find the most efficient programs that simulate and help these people improve their living conditions. It can also allow us to find hidden patterns that influence the situation and based on this knowledge make better strategies to stimulate those people.

We’ve highlighted just a few of the many opportunities that governments can benefit from. You don’t have to be an AI expert to start to benefit from them, you just need to talk with us. Let’s talk about your needs and plans and how we can reach the results you want.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018