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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Agriculture

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Agriculture

"The Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) has found that in the U.S. and Canada, about half of all crops could be lost to uncontrolled weeds, costing growers about $43 billion annually." How can Machine Learning solutions help you in discovering new markets? How can Artificial Intelligence solutions help you leave your competitors behind? What kind of opportunities does AI create in the Agriculture sector?
AI solutions are changing the world we live in and AI solutions are everywhere around you. Even if you don’t realize it, they’re already all around you, starting with your Facebook or LinkedIn "people you may know" recommendations, your YouTube or Spotify music recommendations, in your antispam mailbox, in your Netflix account or in even a Mario Bros game. They affect our private lives and business too. Here, we are going to focus on the Agriculture sector and benefits that AI solutions can add to your business.

Finding new markets
According to J. Walter Thompson research, 77% of UK/US millennials want technology to support them in improving healthy habits like planning or even cooking healthy meals. AI solutions like ours make your data more useful and help you to be more efficient in utilizing it. Better understanding the needs of your customers allows you to find new business opportunities for your products. Solutions like ours can help you to connect the dots and understand how you can deliver more value, get more out of your data and better respond to market demands. Our solution is in a constant state of learning and will impact your clients’ satisfaction because it helps you respond to their needs and create more wanted products for them in dynamic market conditions. This leads directly to increased sales in your business. AI solutions like ours can help you with providing meaningful insights from data to, for example, better understand how consumers behave and why they want to purchase particular goods. Tracking and analyzing behavioral data and the effects of your strategies leads you to provide a more customized experience to targeted customer groups. Analyzing the data and finding insights that matter open the new doors to business opportunities like consumer desire, ingredient sorting, optimization of yields, finding new ways and strategies for selling optimization, upcoming trends and market forecasting, etc.

Automation of farm activities and Predictive Maintenance
AI solutions are far more effective in finding microscopic defects in products at resolutions well beyond the limits of human vision. For example our AI Solution can identify potential defects and nutrient deficiencies in soil by using algorithms that find correlations between foliage patterns with certain soil defects, plant pests and even diseases. Detecting inefficiencies, finding possible issues before they emerge and anticipating delays and breakdowns are valuable to agricultural processes. AI solutions also bring down labor costs, increase production speed, improve transition times and more. They help you with improving efficiency challenges like crop yield, soil health and herbicide-resistance.
An example is a system created by DeepMind for Google: "Using a self-managing system, dozens of thousands of servers now have direct, up to date access to the settings of cooling and energy supplies provided by the system. The solution reduced the amount of energy used for cooling by 40%, as well as electrical losses and other non-cooling inefficiencies by 15%."

Reaching the best return on crops
Our AI solutions can help you better analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your soil. By constantly learning more about your crops, the system can even learn how to reach the best returns on your crops and optimize processes to help you with time and money optimization. By analyzing your plans, AI solutions can help your finding new ways of selling like predicting which plants are suitable for specific customer segments, optimizing the irrigation system, creating a system that maximizes the production of healthy plants. AI solutions like ours can give you insights and recommendations to improve your yields.
We wrote an entire article about how our AI solutions can help in in increasing sales. You can find other business opportunities that AI solutions like ours create for your sales improvement here.

Safety Improvement
AI solutions can also improve the safety of your employees by reducing dangerous activities, predicting and preventing dangerous situations on unwanted behaviors like, for example, failure to comply with safety rules. AI can help you with prediction and prevention of damage caused by defects or machine malfunction. AI solutions like ours can also help you with improving the monitoring of crop and soil health by applying deep learning and computer vision algorithms. According to United States Department of Agriculture(USDA): "On a global scale the annual loss of 75 billion tons of soil costs the world about US$400 billion per year" and according to the USDA in the US annual cost of soil erosion is approximately $44 billion dollars. Our solution can also help you track and predict various environmental impacts on crop yield like changes in the weather by applying predictive analytics.

Time and Money Optimization
Through automation of business processes, your company can save millions of dollars. Starting from using AI solutions to take connecting calls, answering client requests by voice and text, taking orders, managing invoices, identifying problems, calculating costs, finding new markets, building better strategies, analyzing offer conversion rates, resource utilization, anomaly detection and prevention like early detection of lameness, sorting and cleaning improvement, providing you with a sense of your soil’s strengths and weaknesses, optimizing the potential for healthy crop production, automation of irrigation systems, monitoring of group behaviour, automating farm activities like identifying pest and disease outbreaks before they occur.
AI solutions can help with weather forecasting and can lead to improved yields and reduced shipping costs/waste. AI solutions can help you with sorting for example foods for best use, like which potatoes are best for french fries and which ones are better for potato chips. Our AI solution can also help you with improving cleanliness by using AI sensor systems. According to University of Nottingham research, 30% of energy and water use by companies in the food and agriculture industries is consumed through cleaning. By using our system you can increase the productivity of your company and reduce downtime.

We’ve only mentioned a few of the numerous possibilities that AI solutions like ours create for the agriculture sector. To benefit from this field, you don’t need to be an AI expert - that’s what we are for. Let’s talk about creating an AI solution specially tailored to your needs that help your business to grow and expand.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018