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20 October 2018
Investments in Communities
We believe that innovation is about changing people’s lives, and that what is AI about too. So, we stand for innovation of both kinds. First, as a software company that creates AI solutions [...]
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3 September 2018
Current Machine Learning cope with different problems, like text processing, speech processing and image classification. But the most fascinating part of Machine Learning is the possibility to use it to do many creative tasks like creating images. [...]
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19 July 2018
Artificial Intelligence in Telecoms
How can Machine Learning solutions help you discover new markets? How can Artificial Intelligence Solutions help you leave your competitors behind? What kind of opportunities is AI creating in the telecoms sector? [...]
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12 June 2018
Methods of evaluation in NLP
The field of Artificial Intelligence is currently growing incredibly fast, with every large company boasting of its own ML solutions. But the most important aspect of this development is the way that the system’s performance is measured. [...]
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29 May 2018
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Computing Systems in Healthcare: “finds the market earned revenues of $633.8 million in 2014 and estimates $6,662.2 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate of 40 percent.” [...]
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9 May 2018
Artificial Intelligence for Governments
How can AI add value and create huge positive results for governments and the lives of their citizens? How can Machine Learning solutions help in solving problems that challenge governments around the world? [...]
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2 May 2018
Overcoming limitations of the current state of NLP
Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the is most influential fields of Machine Learning in any industry. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google are making an effort to create more intelligent assistants and find new fields of application for this technology. [...]
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23 April 2018
Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing
McKinsey forecasts that "smart factories" will generate as much as $3.7 trillion in value by 2025. How can AI solutions help you grow and expand your business in the manufacturing sector? What kind of cost and time optimization can Machine Learning solutions create for your business and help you get the edge over the competition? [...]
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17 April 2018
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Agriculture
"The Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) has found that in the U.S. and Canada, about half of all crops could be lost to uncontrolled weeds, costing growers about $43 billion annually." How can Machine Learning solutions help you in discovering new markets? [...]
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4 April 2018
Artificial Intelligence in Transportation
How can Machine Learning Solutions can help you in growing businesses in the transportation sector? How can Artificial Intelligence speed up your market expansion? [...]
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12 March 2018
Artificial Intelligence in Sales
How can you leave your competitors behind and find new markets through the Machine Learning Solutions in your sales department? How can Artificial Intelligence Solutions turbocharge your growth? [...]
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7 March 2018
Artificial Intelligence in Finance
Machine Learning is changing every aspect of our lives and it affects businesses too. How can Machine Learning Applications and Artificial Intelligence help you get ahead in the field of finance and help your business grow? [...]
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24 February 2018
Artificial Intelligence in Marketing
A report from McKenzie tells us that “Netflix has also [...]
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22 February 2018
Comparing AI companies and non-AI companies
How are non-AI companies failing to win the market race? What is the difference between AI and non-AI companies? And what are the main problems that you can solve with AI Solutions? [...]
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21 February 2018
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Business
How can Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence help you in your business? What are the competitive advantages that your competitors may already be applying to get ahead in the market? [...]
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8 February 2018
What is Machine Learning? What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?
As the well-known scientist Andrew Ng said - AI is the new electricity. This statement clearly describes the the role of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence nowadays. [...]
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1 February 2018
Why do we care so much about IT communities and why are they important?
As Machine Learning experts, engineers or entrepreneurs, you are among those who will shape our future, especially in today’s AI-first world. We are here to help you grow to your potential. [...]
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7 December 2017
How to apply Deep Learning to your business to make more money - from the Google Campus in Tel Aviv
Last week, I had a chance to be a speaker at the Google Campus in Tel Aviv, Israel. I shared my knowledge about Deep Learning applications [...]
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14 November 2017
Do what you love and what you believe in...
At Lonsley we believe that Machine Learning can and will solve all the fundamental problems that we, as humanity, are facing. [...]
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02 November 2017
HackYeah - the biggest hackathon in Europe - in Cracow, Poland!
On October 28th-29th, together with Łukasz Siatka, we were mentors at the biggest hackathon in Europe, HackYeah. [...]
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20 September 2017
Geek Girls Carrots Cracow - Poland (2017)
How does machine learning determine success in business? That was a title of my presentation at Geek Girls Carrots meetup in Cracow, Poland. [...]
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13 September 2017
Google Developer Days Europe 2017
Our CEO took part as a speaker at the Women in Tech Round Table discussion panel during the Google Developer Days in Krakow! She shared her knowledge and experience with all the attendees from communities all around the world. [...]
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10 September 2017
Diversity in IT world - conference
We were happy to talk about an important topic like gender diversity in IT world. According to a McKinsey report, companies with a more gender-diverse workforce perform better financially (15% more). [...]
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10 August 2017
Machine learning - workshops
We recently had another chance to spread the word about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Have you ever wondered what kind of math stands behind Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions? What are neural networks and how do they work? [...]
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10 July 2017
The Women Techmakers Summit Europe
Conference in Prague - Our CEO was a speaker in a panel discussion at a conference in Prague organized by Google, Google Developers Group and Women Techmakers. She had a chance to share her business and leadership experience with bright minds from more than 20 countries across Europe. [...]
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10 June 2017
Future Businesses with Artificial Intelligence - Conference
Where are we going with Artificial Intelligence? What are the most profitable business opportunities linked with Machine Learning? How can Machine Learning can influence us in business and daily life? [...]
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10 May 2017
Machine Learning Study Group - workshops
Spreading the beauty of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the rest of the world is the coolest thing ever! We feel responsible for future generations and all those people who want to explore the ML/AI world. [...]
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21 April 2017
Challenging the status quo
We believe that working with passionate and inspired people makes a difference. People that value innovation, curiosity and face the most challenging and fundamental problems that will be solved thanks to scientific and technological knowledge. [...]
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14 April 2017
Together we are unstoppable...
We believe that making the world a better place is possible by creating ideas and projects that matter. That’s why we brought Let’s Solve IT into existence. [...]
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11 April 2017
Rocket Science Today, a place for the wizards of tomorrow
We are standing in front of the fourth industrial revolution that will affect every single aspect of our lives. This creates a tremendous amount of new possibilities. And the main facilitators of this change are machine learning and artificial intelligence. [...]
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03 April 2017
Behind the closing door - a story of Tech Leaders
Almost two years ago, I had an idea to create a huge solution that would impact the entire world and make it a better place. I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve and based on this I built Tech Leaders - a mentoring programme for women in IT. [...]
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13 February 2017
When diversity means enrichment
We believe that building bridges instead of walls allows us to create huge things. And that diversity means heritage and enrichment to all companies, organisations and teams. [...]
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